Thursday, April 2, 2009

Highest World cups

  • Which player was play Highest World cups in his Carreer ?

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  • Right Answer of last asked Question is here...........

    How many times Four centuries scored by both teams in an One-Day International match? Give answer in fully details.

    Only one time 4 centuries scored in an ODI in ODI cricket history

    Pakistan V/s Australia, at Gadafi Stadium, Lahore, 10th November 1998.

    Four centuries Score:

    Ijaz Ahmed : 111 runs (109 Balls, 12 Fours, 1 Six)

    Yusuf Youhana : 100 runs ( 111 Balls, 14 Fours, 0 Six)

    Adam Gilchrist : 103 runs (104 Ball, 14 Fours, 0 Six)

    Ricky Ponting : 124* runs (129 Balls, 10 Fours, 0 Six)

    Result : Australia win by 6 Wickets with 7 Balls Remaining.


Vir Patel said...

Javed miyadad play total 6 world cups

Anonymous said...

Four centuries in an ODI match its really exiting bcoz some time four centuries not scored in whole series........

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